Discover the Impact

We have an impact on people. It’s true!

The process of self discovery is revealing in ways that we can never fully understand. It shows us our stengths and our weaknesses. It allows us to see a clearer picture of just where we belong and what we should be doing. And all of this - not based on what we want - but based on who we truly are.

Imagine a life where you have such a loving, compassionate, and honest relationship with yourself that there is no need to create another truth. You can live fully in this world, in this truth! Freedom is right around the corner. It all begins with that simple decision to start loving yourself, discovering your place in the Divine, and working with the energies of life itself.

“If only a few people in each country, each race, and each people throughout the world FIND themselves and enter into a hallowed communion with the very Source of Life, then they because of their illumination become the wick of humanity and cast a resplendent and glorious aureole of gold over the universe.

In those individuals who constitute a minute, almost microscopic minority of the populace of this globe, willing and eager to devote themselves to a spiritual cause, lies the ONLY hope for the ultimate redemption of mankind."
~ Israel Regardie

The impact that we've seen on our students is neverending. It's been a great privilege to watch as students give up drug addictions, work through sexual abuses, and reclaim their right to have joy in their lives. From the simple reconstruction of healthy relationships, to the drastic transformation into a more whole individual, we've seen just about everything happen. And all of this, simply through a willingness to learn and receive.

We've been inspired, and you should be too! Just take a look at some of the testimonials (click here) to see for yourself that it is possible to live as a completely new, and truly whole, person. It all begins with a simple choice: to jump headfirst into a new world of possibilities. Are you ready?

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